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Genius Twin Wheel 900FF, 900 Degree Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Genius Twin Wheel 900FF, 900 Degree Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Product Type :  Racing Wheel

Manufacturer : Genius

Twin Wheel 900FF is the first multi-mode force feedback racing wheel from Genius. Switching from 270 degree mode to 900 degree mode easily delivers more realistic racing experiences. In the 900 degree mode, you can turn the wheel 2 and 1/2 times continuously just like in real racing.

The leather wrapped wheel improves control during fierce racing competition. Featured with 13 built-in programmable keys, Twin Wheel 900FF offers commonly used features in racing games such as press horn, emergency brake, lights, maps, and more.

The Force Feedback and the Immersion-patented TouchSense technology let you feel what it’s like to experience during racing; such as bumps, collisions and crashes. The gear shift offers sequential shifting function. Three suction cups and one Y-clamp can fit on any table or desk.


Key features :

> 900 degree mode for realistic racing experience with leather wrapped wheel

> Vibration and force feedback powered by Immersion

> Turbo Function for auto repeat and 13 command buttons for racing games

> Gear shift and ergonomic foot pedals include an accelerator and a brake

> Y-clamp and three suction cups provide the best stability and fit any table or desk

> Compatible with PC, and PS3 console games 

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