A WISP Network that Customers Can Trust Due to the poor infrastructure that exists in some areas, as well as the inconvenience and expense of deploying a wired network, WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) solutions are often more suitable for providing local internet access. WISP solutions allow users in remote areas to enjoy high-quality service at an attractive price. Flexible deployment and easy installation ensure that these solutions can provide excellent performance and competitive pricing, allowing wireless Internet access to reach an even greater share of the market. In the highly competitive wireless Internet market, the TP-LINK Pharos Series offers excellent performance and value, which allows providers to offer excellent quality of service and create satisfying experiences for customers.

Building a High Performance Wireless Network

As a WISP, nothing is more important to your business than the ability to build a reliable high-speed network. The Pharos Solution helps you overcome all common challenges and provide superlative service.

Pharos Solution

TP-LINK Pharos Solutions help WISP to transfer the Internet from a remote service center to the local area and spread it to all the customers who live in the sparsely populated area.

Enterprise level hardware design provides maximum performance

In order to maximize the performance and stability of the wireless network, Pharos Base Stations contain Qualcomm Atheros enterprise-level chipsets, high gain-antennas, and high-power amplifiers.

MAXtream TDMA Technology brings performance to a whole new level

To ensure optimal network performance, TP-LINK has incorporated MAXtream TDMA Technology into the Pharos solution. This helps to mitigate the effects of signal competition and collisions, which frequently occur on large networks with many client devices. It also enhances and protects the effective throughput of crowded networks.

Proven throughput that exceeds your expectations

Pharos Series devices are proven to provide exceptional network speeds, helping you overcome the bottleneck effect that plagues most existing networks. The real throughput of a Pharos Base Station in a Point-to-Point link usually exceeds 60Mbps at distances of 50+ kilometers, a feat that no other product its price range can achieve.

Centralized Management Platform
Easily Control All Devices

CPEs and Base Stations are usually distributed and installed throughout vast geographic areas. Therefore, individual, on-site management of devices represents a major inconvenience. Pharos Control is a free centralized management platform that allows WISPs to manage and control every network device from any connected PC.

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Device Discovery

& Status Monitoring

Mass Configuration

& Firmware Upgrades

Scheduled Operations

& Maintenance Tasks

Event Notifications

Via E-mail

Exceptional Industrial
Design for Ultimate
Convenience and Reliability

Pharos Base Stations and Antennas are designed to function as a single, seamless unit that provides a comprehensive solution for efficient PtP and PtMP data transmission.

Pharos devices also feature advanced lightning protection and weatherproof enclosures, ensuring that they can survive even the most challenging of environmental conditions.