Genius SlimStar i250 Deluxe Multimedia Keyboard

  • Concave keycaps with smooth rounded edges
  • Glossy finish
  • 12 Function keys including Win 8 and Facebook quick access
  • Whisper quiet keycap design
  • Transparent Caps/Num/Scroll lock icon when LED is off


Experience the next generation Genius keyboard, Slim Star i250, which includes a deluxe keycap design, a mirror-like top cover, and a slim, sleek design. The keycaps are designed with smooth rounded edges that allow for perfect finger positioning, and soft enough your fingertips can glide from key to key, hour after hour. Its mirror-like top cover also provides a more elegant fashion style. Slim Star i250 has twelve functions keys which provide media, Internet and several unique functions. Simultaneously press FN + F12 to instantly access Facebook. Additionally, Slim Star i250 has three Windows 8 function keys that allow you to switch between applications, close existing application and search the application. With transparent Num/Scroll/Caps lock icons, the icons instantly disappear when turned off for a cleaner looking keyboard.