Banking & Finance.

Application Scenarios

  • Ensure around-the-clock safety for customers and employees
  • Increase transaction safety and customer satisfaction
  • Collect reliable footage for post-investigation
  • Manage all the branches effectively and easily

ATM Areas & Vestibules

Hikvision provides a complete solution for ATM machine and its cabin area’s safety.

  • ATM Cameras:

HD video, discreet pinhole design, dual lens for different direction viewings.

  • ATM NVR:

Dedicated form factor, support transaction information overlay.

  • Cabin Camera:

Only one wide angle camera to cover all the in-cabin area.

Entrance & Lobby

Hikvision provides a complete solution for ATM machine and area safety.

  • ATM Cameras:

HD video | Discreet pinhole design | Dual-angle, dual-lens viewing

  • ATM NVR:

Dedicated form factor | Transaction information overlay on video

  • Room or Area Camera:

Single wide-angle camera covers entire ATM area


High volumes of financial transactions each day – from signing documents to approving loans – may leave institutions vulnerable to customer misunderstandings or disputes.

Security Center

Storing critical video footage of daily operations in a bank’s security center is a core component of a total CCTV system. It requires the utmost reliability and manageability for data protection and security operations.