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Whenever we think of router we think of TP-Link and with their outstanding line of products finding the right one within the budget is confusing at times. Therefore, we bring you ‘Archer C24’ the best dual band router within 2000 taka in BD (Bangladesh). It is an all-in-one router that has Wi-Fi mode, range extender mode and access point mode as well. Let us go through each of its feature and understand why it’s the best router and pocket friendly for you.

Why it is the best router at a glance

  • best dual band router in BD
  • Compact design
  • Tested under multiple scenarios with positive results
  • Easy to use app support
  • Multi-mode supported router

Affordable Dual Band router

Dual band router enables the Archer C24 to transmit two different frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz that avoids conflict with other signals to give you the best speed possible. Also, the AC750 technology will give you the ability to stream videos in HD with stable connection. Its 5 GHz connection that provides up-to 433 Mbps speed for your gaming and 4K streaming needs. For your everyday basic need the 2.4 GHz has you covered in your whole apartment.

Get better coverage

The four 5 Dbi antennas provide wider coverage from end point to end point. Positioning the antennas on the 4 sides ensures reachability in each corner (depending on the environment). Therefore, you can browse the internet without buffering and enjoy smooth download.

Compact size yet rigorously powerful

The TP-Link Archer C24 comes in a small size that can match your house aesthetic no matter where you put it. However, its computing power can give you superior net connection without dropping. From the lab results for TP-Link, we can see 16 days connecting at the same time for 7 straight days without dropping network or signal.

Ease of setup with versatile management

With the support of Tether App from TP-Link, setting it up is just a few taps away. After setting it up, you can get complete control over your router and all its features. Block content or limit internet use through the parental control option. Guests are coming always, give them a separate password through guest network. You can also prioritize the device you want through QoS.

Multi-mode support for all your needs

Use Archer C24 just like any other router with the basic router mood. Now if you already have a router and want extend its coverage, use this one as a range extender mood and boost your total net coverage. The use of access point mood will let you use are existing network name and id but use the new routers benefits with ease.

Overall, TP-Link Archer C24 can be the best dual band router within 2000 taka in BD. With multi-mode and other features packed in a small neat box you get super flexibility. Use it as you desire with its flexibility in usability. It even wins in the appearance department by matching the environment. Get outstanding speed and stability with its 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bandwidth.