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We are constantly connected to the internet no matter wherever we go. We desire a seamless connection with consistent speed. At present, router has taken over traditional wired connections. Now, whenever we think of buying one, we think about which one to fit within our budget. Today, we will explore an excellent router that will fit anyone’s budget (within 1500 BDT) and give outstanding performance, which is TP-Link WR844N.

Excellent Speed at Reasonable Price

The fast and foremost service we want from any router is the connection consistency. With TP-Link’s WR844N router, you can connect at 2.5ghz bandwidth with 300 Mbps speed. Therefore, you can enjoy any movie streaming, mobile or pc gaming without any buffering. It’s 2X2 MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology paired with 5 dBi antennas blazes through the internet. It can cover around 1000 square feet area (depending on the local environment) without any problem.

App Supported

Modern routers come with modern solution so is the specialized app from TP-Link ‘Tether app’. TL-WR844N supports the app and gives the user control in their phone to maximize their user experience.

Flexibility with Multiple Modes

Managing your network has never been easy with powerful mods. It prioritize the network based on user level. So that you can control the users. The first level will be the parent then children and then guests. Parent’s will be able to block any user without any issues and limit outsiders from accessing the internet.

Having multiple modes gives the flexibility to the user. The basic mode is the router, that everyone already knows. What is surprising is that it can also function as a range extender. Meaning, it can pull the Wi-Fi connection from a mother host network and extend the signal of that router giving it a much wider coverage. It also boasts WISP and Access point mode giving you more freedom in how you want to use it.

Latest technology features

Equipped with the latest technology features like IPV6. Thus, it ensures your switchability to IPV4 ISP network from IPV6 without any hiccups. It also has IGMP Proxy/Snooping, Bridge, and Tag VLAN support giving you lag free streaming. So, chill in your Netflix, Amazon prime or other streaming service in HD with your friends without buffering or stuttering.

The design is elegant and can be placed anywhere. Therefor, It will definitely blend in with the interior you put it in. Also, it is compact in size requiring less space than you can ever think of.

Overall, this is the best budget router you can get at TK. 1500 and you can also look out for the discounts in the online stores. TP-Link WR844N is a smart router that delivers seamless performance and lives upto your expectations without any hiccups.


Md. Ismail Hossen