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As we are moving towards a more modern society, we are changing from wired to wireless connections for all possible devices. Mouse is no expectation. We are constantly looking for the great wireless mouse available. For instance, Micropack has some of the best wireless mouse in Bangladesh for you. Today, we are going to discuss three excellent mouse with wireless connectivity from Micropack. Also, explain why they are better than any other in that category.

  • Budget friendly mouse: Micropack MP-716W
  • For Power optimization: Micropack MP-721W
  • With most features: Micropack MP-752W

MicroPack MP-716W Wireless Mouse Review

The first in our list is MP-716W wireless mouse review, the best they have to offer in low budget. Micropack MP-716W mouse is popular among people for being compact and comfortable. Therefore, users can hold the mouse and work smoothly. It has a speed of 1200 DPI. Fast 2.4G wireless connectivity covering up to 10 meters from the receiver gives the user more freedom with movement while using. Moreover, the symmetrical shape of MP-716W wireless mouse ensures usability with both left and right hand.  Hence, left handed people have nothing to worry about. It also has power saving capability with on off switch. Users can enjoy a maximum of 110 days usages with a single AA battery. In conclusion, making it a great wireless mouse in Bangladesh (BD) at economy level.

MicroPack Wireless Mouse MP-721W Review

The next best wireless mouse in Bangladesh is Micropack MP-721W with a modern and slim design. Its ergonomic design gives you a comfortable grip increasing your work productivity. The advance power saving technology of MP-721W puts the mouse automatically in standby mode when not in use. On top of that, this wireless mouse will go to sleep upon 5 minutes of inactivity. In return, increasing the total usage day on a single AA battery, which can go for a maximum of 125 days. It is powered by 2.4G wireless technology and has a range of 10 meters. It’s precision ability while using, makes it easily an outstanding wireless mouse in Bangladesh.

Micropack MP-752W Wireless Mouse Review with Dual receiver

If you are looking for the best wireless mouse with the most features in Bangladesh, Micropack MP-752W is the one. For you comfort and productivity, it comes with 6 functional buttons and a thumb rest. Its primary selling feature is the dual connectivity on the go. Switch between USB A and Type C seamlessly as it comes with both receivers. Also, has an on board switch for changing on the go. Both receivers has 2.4G wireless connectivity and can receive signal within 10 meters of the receiver. The receivers along with an AA battery can be stored inside the mouse for portability. With supports for windows, android, mac and IOS making MP-752W compatible for mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Micropack MP-752W mouse has an optical sensor and a speed of 1000 CPI.


To conclude, Micropack MP-716W, MP-721W & MP-752W are the best wireless mouse in Bangladesh (BD) serving all your needs, weather you want to buy a basic one or something with more features on board. Get MP-716W mouse if you want to experience the basics of wireless connectivity. Feature lovers can get the MP-752W with its unique dual connection capability. Want to have a balance between the both and a long life time on a single battery, better buy the MP-721W.

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