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With the age of portability, we are looking for more and more portable solution – even in the network technology. Therefore, the best SIM router you can buy in Bangladesh right now is TP-Link M7200 and M7000. With its compact size, you can carry it in your pocket and keep your device always connected with 3G/4G SIM network. It’s powerful range and multi-device connection makes any outgoing hangout a blast. Here are the reasons why M7200 and M7000 are the best pocket SIM router in Bangladesh.

  • Supports Latest 4G network with ease
  • Can connect around 10 devices
  • 2000mAh battery for 8 hours backup
  • Features for multipurpose use
  • tpMiFi app support

TP-Link M7200 and M7000 Support the latest 4G network

Bothe TP-Link M7200 and M7000 supports the latest generation network available in Bangladesh. It has support for both 3G and 4G network with FDD/TDD-LTE connection and provides seamless speed. You can buy any authorized SIM in Bangladesh and use it on the go no matter where you are. Enjoy lag free HD streaming wherever you go and enjoy the moments alone or with friends.

Connect with more people with SIM Router

The TP-Link M7000 as well as M7200 can easily connect with more than 10 devices as long as your device has wireless connection support you can connect to it just like every Wi-Fi. The coverage range of 1000 Square feet ensures you can get signal in a long distance. So stay connected with your friends and family always.

More power with one charge

It has a battery that comes with the product and is replaceable with ease. The battery capacity of both TP-Link M7000 and M7200 is 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery. The best part is that, it can charge within two and a half hours, which lasts around 8 hours in default settings (battery life may vary in accordance with environmental conditions). So that you can do a lot more while charging just for a small period. Amazing fact is that you can still keep on using the Wi-Fi while the device is charging with ease.

Better features for multipurpose use

It comes with one SIM and Micro USB slot. Also has a power on/off button to save battery life when not needed. Supports both 3G and 4G connections, easily making M7200 along with M7000 the best SIM routers you can buy in Bangladesh. With the built-in antenna it can give you a maximum download speed of 300Mbps while an upload speed of 50Mbps through its 2.4Ghz channel. The LED display shows Wi-Fi status, Internet connection status, and Battery status.

tpMiFi app for easy setup and management

For your convenience, both models has support for the tpMiFi app built specifically for any mobile based router of TP-Link. Take full control of mobile router through the use of the app. You can see your battery status, number of users currently connected and SMS coming to your SIM. On top of that, you can set data limits so minimize your cost.

Therefor buckle up, start your journey with your friends without losing your Wi-Fi connection. With all its specialty and unique features, we can easily say that the best SIM based router money can buy in Bangladesh now is TP-Link M7200 and M7000. Outstanding battery backup, with 10 people sharing and using at 300Mpbs speed over a range of 1000 square feet makes it easily a great mobile router for the money.

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To Get M7000 directly delivered at your home visit our store directly and get it at an affordable price.


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