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HIKVISION E3000 M.2 PCIe 2280 256GB-3D NAND-3X4 NVMe SSD

● High R/W Speed PCIe interface
Max. read speed up to 3476MB/s
● 3D NAND Technology
3D NAND technology helps to develop higher capacity, performance, and stability
● Anti-shock and anti-fall
No mechanical structure, using electronic chip control, data more secure.
● Smart firmware
Through the SSD management tool, support dynamic SLC opening and closing, support OP adjustable, to meet
the needs of multiple scenarios.
● Application Field
Applicable to personal computers, laptops, PS4, etc.


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Model HS-SSD-E3000
Capacity 256 GB
Form Factor M.2 2280
Max. Seq. Read 3476 MB/s
Max. Seq. Write 2545 MB/s
Max. Ran 4 K Read (IOPS) 404 K
Max. Ran 4 K Write (IOPS) 263 K
Max. Power Consumption 3.17 W
MTBF 1,500,000 hours
Storage Medium 3D TLC
Interface PCIe
Working Temperature 0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 158 °F)
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F)
TRIM Supports
Warranty 5 years
Weight ≤ 7 g

Specifications and performance of Hikvision E3000 series SSD.
As a leader in the security industry, Hikvision processes EB-level data (1 EB=1024 PB, 1 PB=1024 TB) every year, and has
accumulated many years of data storage and flash memory management technology. At the technical level, the E3000
series SSD adopts advanced SSD master control and 3D NAND Flash technology, combined with Hikvision’s self-developed
NAND Flash management software, to ensure read and write speed and data security. At the product level, the E3000
series SSD adopts the highest quality 3D NAND Flash and BGA patch, which are produced by automated production lines,
and have undergone strict standard tests for data storage in the Haikang data center to ensure stable services

What is the price of HIKVISION E3000 M.2 PCIe 2280 256GB-3D NAND-3X4 NVMe SSD in Bangladesh?
The latest price of HIKVISION E3000 M.2 PCIe 2280 256GB-3D NAND-3X4 NVMe SSD in Bangladesh is