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How To Control Bandwidth Using TP-Link Router

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news with you regarding the Archer C64. A new feature update has been released for it, and it’s called Bandwidth Control. Now, I know many of you have been asking when this feature will be available on other models as well! That’s why we’re here to address your question!

Bandwidth Control is a handy feature, especially for home use, that many of our routers currently lack. It’s a bit of a vulnerable feature because it can cause various issues. Let’s say most of us use a shared connection from ISP. As a result, the bandwidth you actually get may fluctuate. For example, let’s assume your connection is supposed to provide 10Mbps, but due to sharing, you sometimes get 7Mbps, and sometimes you get 11Mbps. When you set a limit using Bandwidth Control, you are splitting it considering 10Mbps. However, the effectiveness of the bandwidth allocation will depend on how much it decreases or increases. This puts pressure on the router and may cause problems with your ISP connection.

Due to several valid reasons like this, many companies have chosen to omit this feature from their routers, and the remaining few are also phasing it out. However, given the current internet landscape, where bandwidth congestion has significantly reduced, we have decided to work on this feature again based on your requests. As a result, we have already introduced it in our Archer C64, and Archer C80 is our next target. If we receive positive feedback from you here, we will also implement it in other models in the future.

We cannot provide you with a specific timeframe for when this feature will be available on other models. It requires testing, and if the results are good, we can proceed with its implementation. I request you not worry and trust that we are working on it based on your feedback.

Thank you, and have a great time ahead, everyone!

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