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Best Dual Band Router In Bangladesh

A fast internet connection always requires an excellent router for the best performance. In the era of dual band routers, we are constantly in conflict of which one to buy. There are so many options to choose from among all price range. Today, I am going to suggest you the best dual band router in Bangladesh at various price ranges.

  • Gigabit router with Wi-Fi 6 advantage Archer AX20
  • Deco M4, mesh technology with gigabit capability
  • The best value for money experience Archer A6
  • Your entry level router Archer C24

Best Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band Router Archer AX20

Currently the best tech in Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi 6 and if you are eyeing to get yourself one with that technology, TP-Link Archer AX20 is the one. Featuring AX1800 with 16 MB of flash memory and 258 MB of ram powered by a quad core processor it is a beast at this price range. You can say it as the most demanded Wi-Fi 6 based dual band router in Bangladesh.

It’s powerful coverage of 2200 square feet (depending on local environment) assisted with beamforming technology ensure coverage at every corner of your house. Through the 5 GHz channel it emits maximum of 1201 Mbps signal speed while the 2.5 GHz throws 574 Mbps of internet connectivity. Want to make your own server, just plug your USB to the dedicated USB 2.0 port and you are ready to go. Archer AX20 is a great Wi-Fi 6 router with dual band capacity and gigabit support in Bangladesh.


  • Wi-Fi 6
  • USB 2.0 Port for Server
  • Gigabit Support
  • One Mesh Support
  • Better Coverage

    Can be better

    • USB Transfer Speed
    • Cooling

    Mesh Dual Band Router Deco M4

    Deco M4 is definitely the most popular among all the mesh routers available at this moment in Bangladesh. Its mesh technology makes it one of a kind router in the dual band segment. Mesh technology is the power to set up multiple mesh supported devices wirelessly under one network to work as a single Wi-Fi network. Among all the Deco routers, TP-Link Deco M4 stands in the middle ground for both performance and budget. A single Deco M4 can provide speed up to 1167 devices while supporting 100 devices at the same time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about neither speed nor connectivity.

    What sets it apart from its lower end model Deco E4 is the power to transmit gigabit (1000mbps) speed wirelessly. It features Wi-Fi dead zone killer tech (beamforming and mesh) and connect all decos under one network. As a result, you get a seamless experience at home no matter which corner you are in. The inclusion of Alexa makes it easier to communicate through your voice in terms of controlling the unit. TP-Link Deco M4 has a coverage around 2000 Sqft for a single unit depending on the local environment. You can buy the Deco M4 in the market at around 4,500 taka to 5,300 taka depending on from where you are buying. Also, the best part is that, you can add more deco unit by that I mean any deco of any model with it in future.


    • Mesh Technology
    • Budget Friendly
    • Gigabit Speed
    • Seamless Network

      Can be better

      • Missing Web-Based interface
      • Only two Ethernet ports in each unit

      Archer A6 Best Value Dual band Router

      If you are looking to have a great experience for the money you spend, Archer A6 should be your first choice. Having all features that you need for your day to day Wi-Fi experience, this is a complete package. Gigabit speed through LAN, and top speed of 867 Mbps through the 5 Ghz channel keeps your internet experience clean and smooth. Secured with WAP3 technology stopping hackers from stealing you password. Four powerful antenna assisted with beamforming spreads the network over 1500 square feet (depending on environment) from corner to corner.

      MU-MIMO grants the router ability to send signal to multiple devices at the same time without ease. So everyone can browse lag free. Through One Mesh support, you can add any other one mesh supported devices worry free. Keep all the One Mesh connected devices under a single SSID and roam the house without interruption. In Bangladesh market you can get it within 3.5k to 3.7k with ease. On top of all these, you have parental control and guest network as well and control them through the Tether app. In summary this can be the best value for money dual band router in Bangladesh without a doubt.


      • Gigabit Support
      • Wide Coverage
      • Once Mesh Support
      • New Technology

        Can be better

        • Gigabit is LAN only

        Archer C24 Best Budget

        Excellence in budget is the other name of Archer C24 from TP-Link. It is an entry level dual band router you can also say it as the best entry level dual band router in Bangladesh. The AC750 bad idea for HD streaming without buffering. Multi-Mode support makes it possible to work in router mode, access point mode along with range extender mode. Having a lot of guests, give them a separate ID and Password through the guest network. Worried about what the children are browsing, parental mode have you covered with control over browsing sites and usages time. Through the 2.4GHz channel you can expect 300 Mbps speed while the 5 GHz can provide 433 Mbps max.

        So with a price of 2k to 2.3k it can be your best dual band entry level router in Bangladesh. Its 4 antenna gives you wide coverage around 1200 Sqft depending on the environment and buffer free experience. Control all of this with simply from the TP-Link Tether app with ease.

        Click Here for a details review of Archer C24


        • Good Speed
        • Budget Friendly
        • Good Coverage
        • Compact in Size

          Can be better

          • Cooling

          Archer AX20

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          Deco M4

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          Archer A6

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          Archer C24

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