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The firmware update of TP-Link routers doesn’t happen automatically and for a good reason that the users already have a stable version installed in their router. But recently few TP-Link routers are giving troubled performance like hang issues, Wi-Fi not responsive and a few minor issues.

Well, good news is TP-Link has recently released firmware updates because they are trying to fix a vulnerability that was detected in the current firmware. Our service engineers have tested that upgradation to this new firmware version will resolve the issues you are facing with your router and you can do it from your home and YOURSELF!

Let’s talk about how you can do it. Well, it’s pretty easy. You will just need to go to your router’s admin panel/dashboard and upload the firmware file you are going to download from TP-Link’s official website. Don’t be panicked, the steps are simple.

Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. Wrong firmware upgrading may damage your device and void the warranty.

  1. Download the latest firmware version for your device.
  2. Unzip/extract the Firmware from the downloaded .ZIP file
  3. Login to the TP-Link router’s web management page. [How do I log into the web-based Utility (Management Page) of TP-Link wireless router?]
  4. Click on System Tools-Firmware Upgrade (or Firmware); click on Browse/Choose File to find the extracted firmware file and click open.
  5. Click the Upgrade button. The device will reboot automatically after the upgrade has been finished.
  6. Click Status, check if the router’s firmware has been upgraded
  7. Some firmware updates will restore your router to factory settings.  If this is the case run the Quick Setup Wizard to re-configure your TP-Link router.

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You can download the latest firmware from TP-Link’s website. But as the recent issues are with TL-WR941HP , TL-WR841N & TL-WR840N routers, go to the download links below for latest firmware.

For  TL-WR941HP_V2.0) [Firmware 20171225 ]


For TL-WR841N(US)_V13.0


For TL-WR841N(EU)_V13


For TL-WR840N(EU)_V5.0



Oh, there’s one last step. Disable all the ALG like below.


After upgrading the firmware the issues are to resolved automatically. But if anyone still face the same problem, we recommend to contact with their ISP. You can also send us a mail of your problem and the ISP’s contact details at helpline@www.demo.excelbd.com