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Grandstream Networks, Inc. has been associating the world since 2002 with SIP Unified Communications solutions that enable organizations, such as corporate office, hotel, hospital, educational institution to be more profitable than ever. The solutions are of lower communication costs, increment security insurance and improve efficiency.

Grandstream products are available through our established global distribution channels. We are a private corporation headquartered in Boston, MA USA with regional locations in Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, China, Venezuela, Morocco, Malaysia, Spain, Ukraine, Israel, Colombia and now in Bangladesh.

Why GRANDSTREAM in Hotel business?

Hotel businesses depend vigorously upon their communication between reservations, front desk area, housekeeping, upkeep, the board, and hotel visitors. Interfacing these clients and meeting their interesting communication needs the best importance. Regardless of whether you need to keep utilizing existing technology or move up to an answer that you can depend on, Grandstream can help wherever it’s required.



The reservations office in a hotel is the greatest driver for increasing revenue and makes the first impression. Reservation facilities are the principal purpose of contact while communicating with the business. Operators are often taking care of extensive call volumes and overseeing visitor accounts. Guaranteeing that they are outfitted with the correct technology is very much significant when attempting to secure a deal.

UCM Series of IP PBX’s: Integrate one of Grandstream’s UCM series with the hotel’s PMS framework which permits Grandstream’s IP Phones to get to data from the PMS while likewise sending get back to data to the PMS.

IP Phones: The GXP2135 high-profile desktop phone would work prominently for the reservation  office as it permits up to 8 lines, 4 SIP records, 32 speed dial keys, and is upheld by Bluetooth to take into account a headset.


Front Desk:

As the substance of the hotel and visitor experience, front desk staffs are the foundation of all the activities. They are managing check in and check outs, and taking care of calls from visitors asking for room administration, wake up calls, zone suggestions and so on. Imparting rapidly and productively with staff and visitors can end up overpowering. With the correct technology, front desk employees can sort out how they cooperate with various territories of the inn to run a smoother activity.

WP820: This amazing and cordless WiFi telephone comes outfitted with dual band WiFi support and 7.5 hours long stretches of rechargeable talk time. The push-to-talk key feature can be utilized for snappy correspondence with the housekeeping and support staff.

 GXV3370: This desktop video phone can incorporate with Grandstream’s surveillance cameras and facility access frameworks permitting the front work area staff to screen the lodging grounds.

GXP2200: This augmentation display is the ideal choice for sharing call control between every visitor room. By associating four at one time with the GXP2170 high end IP telephone this arrangement can bolster up to 160 extensions.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Between room turn downs, overseeing visitor room request for or remaining over the hotel grounds and maintenance is made easier to utilize Grandstream’s mobility solution. These offices are dependably in a hurry and don’t sit in an office where they can utilize a desk telephone, so having the capacity to move openly while remaining associated is a vital piece of their everyday daily schedule.

WP820: Grandstream’s cordless WiFi IP telephone has up to 7.5 hours  stretches of talk time taking into account a full move of work without having to re-charge. The push-to-talk include works best for momentary communication and by utilizing the property WiFi, any client can meander rope free without missing a call.

GWN7600LR: Hotels can be benefited from an open air WiFi passage that is intended to conceal to 300 meters. With waterproof packaging and warmth safe innovation, visitors and staff can move outside while as yet being associated with WiFi.


Hotel Guests:

Hotel visitors expect that their room accompanies the correct materials to make their stay a positive environment, and Grandstream has the correct technology to satisfy the needs of the travelers. They will need direct access to dependable WiFi and a simple to use tools to connect with the hotel. Including an IP telephone in each live with committed catches to interface with various territories of the hotel, for example, the front desk area, attendant, or on location dining ensures the  visitors are capable to communicate with the hotel effectively.

GXP1610: This basic IP telephone is a solid solution for set up in every visitor’s room. With three programmable delicate keys, it may be set up to reach a particular office, for example, reservations, attendant, housekeeping, or the front desk area.

GWN WiFi Access Points: Grandstream’s incredible WiFi access points offer superior network, tremendousl WiFi with high coverage range, and can bolster a huge number of visitors. Spot these passageways all through the business so every visitor may dependably be connected.