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Nearly 3 in 4 employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important” within their organization. The unified communication tools that these businesses are equipped with have a large impact on what is seen as a vital part of business operations. These tools can vary greatly based on business size, and deployments should be adapted to deliver the best possible results.

The Small to Medium Businesses

Small to medium businesses typically face unique challenges when searching for a UC solution that best fits them. A limited budget means that they have to lean towards affordable yet high-functioning devices. Relating to this, a limited to nonexistent IT staff means solutions need to no back-end management. Lastly, many SMB networks are
commercial and retail deployment scenarios that require a mobile and cordless solution.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Hospitals, hotels, universities, multi-level and multi-site offices are all examples of small to medium enterprises. These businesses typically have large communication networks across their organization, meaning internal
communication and collaboration begins to become a focus with a unified communications solution. The physical
size of these enterprises means users must be mobile in order to collaborate with peers. It is important that endpoints are able to move with their users, and solutions are put in place to connect regionally separated offices.


Large Enterprises

With offices located across large geographical regions, massive internal teams that frequently collaborate, and operations that need clear communication in order to function properly, large enterprises have the most challenging unified communication needs. There are many moving parts within an enterprises’ operations, and one breakdown can cause friction and a drop in productivity as a result. A complete unified communications deployment can not only be a solution to these challenges, but also help drive a smoother operation within the business. Large data can be integrated into a UC solution that can be seamlessly provided to users within the network to assist with day-to-day functions, along with video collaboration tools to help bridge the divide between separated teams and departments.

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